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SoyGo... a portable, all-natural, soy powder creamer for the health-minded coffee lover on the go. Vegan, Gluten-free and lactose-free ; chock-full of health benefits and oooh sooo good!

SoyGo 1 Each package of SoyGo contains 25 individual sachets of soy powder creamer made with the finest, organic soy powder available. The benefits of soy are numerous. Studies show that soy reduces risk of heart attack, helps prevent various forms of cancer, promotes healthy bones, boosts the immume system, assists with diabetes, helps maintain colon health and is easy on the kidneys. Sounds good to us!
Press & Media 2 Want to read what others are saying about SoyGo? Visit our MEDIA page for SoyGo mentions and reviews. And while you're there, take a second to watch our video on factory farming called "Opus One" and become active.
Best Use Tips 3 For "Best-Use Tips" visit our STORE page. As coffee varieties and strengths vary significantly per cup, we often find that our best-use tips are most helpful to customers. It is our goal to create the perfect SoyGo scenario for you.
Philosophy 4 SavingOpusOne's compassion and concern for factory farmed animals, the environment, and one's over-all health, combined wtih our on-the-go lifestyle, brought about the need for a travel-size, healthy creamer. And because we believe in listing our message wherever possible,  in each package of SoyGo, one will find an insert about factory farming and the lifestyle changes he/she can easily make to help our farm animal friends.